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Last updated: 25 Sep 2017


This page exists to help the home shop machinists, casters, model makers across the globe to try and get some of the terminology straight - same or similar stuff, different name.

Please mail me if you think there is something that should be on this list ;-)


Aluminium: Alloys

HE15 2014 AlCuSiMn
HE30 6082 AlSi1MgMn 6061 is close

Aluminium:  Casting alloys

LM4 308
LM25 A356 AlSi7Mg


CZ121 UNS C38500 CuZn39Pb3

Steel: Carbon

EN1A / 230M07 AISI 1213 CF9SMn28 AKA Mild Steel
EN3 AISI 1017/1022
EN3A / 070M20 AISI 1023 C22
EN3B / 080A15 AISI 1012/1017 C15
EN3C AISI 1022
EN3D AISI 1017/1022
EN8 / 080M40 AISI 1040 C40
EN8B / 080M36 AISI 1035
EN8D / 080A42 AISI 1042
EN8M / 212M36 AISI 1146 40C10S18
EN9 / 070M55 AISI 1055 C55
EN32A / 045M10 AISI 1010 C10
EN32M / 210M15 AISI 1117

Steel: Chromium

EN19 / 708M40 AISI 4140 42CrMo4
EN24 / 817M40 AISI 4340 40Ni2Cr1Mo28
Silver Steel AISI W5 AKA "drill rod"

Steel: Stainless

EN58AM / 303S21 AISI 303
EN58E / 304S11 AISI 304
EN58J / 316S11 AISI 316

Note: The EN numbers date from the 1950's in the UK, there are new (and less memorable numbers) in use now like 817M040.  The EN numbers have been included as many model engineering plans date from this period.  Warning: the equivalents shown above are exactly that - as specifications vary slightly from country to country, they may not be identical in terms of composition or strength.

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