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Last updated: 14 Nov 2018
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Welcome to my metal pages.  All of this stuff is under construction right now, but I hope to add links and projects as things progress.

This all started out as a CNC conversion for my milling machine to help with construction model Internal Combustion engines, but some casting facilities have to come first to make all the brackets and other stuff I need.

Enter the mini foundry - starting off with a Gingery style charcoal furnace, things have now progressed through to propane with a second burner recently being completed.  This little rig is now capable of melting cast iron, click here for more details and a video.

Some pages have been dedicated to the Asian Mini Mill which is 80% decent out of the box.  Longer term plans include metal gears, and a screw conversion for the Z axis.

The project pages detail some of the things I'm making up, a gear hobbing machine has hit the skids because it's just too flimsy - thinking about how to work round this.  A Versatile Dividing Head designed by George H. Thomas, and supplied as a kit of castings and materials by Hemingway is one of the latest completions.

This handy gadget is allowing me to tackle more ambitious stuff like a Westbury Seal Major 4 cylinder internal combustion engine, and a Quorn tool and cutter grinder.

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