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Last updated: 05 Dec 2016


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I bought one of these in April 2002 from Chester Tools, the importers in the UK.  Out of the box, the machine needs a bit of setting up, but is sturdy and can carry out proper work on a small scale.

This is the same machine that is sold in the US by companies like Grizzly and Harbor Freight.

The premier source of parts and accessories for 
mini lathes and mini mills.I have to give the LittleMachineShop.com folks a plug as their service is fantastic, as is their range of spares for this mill.  They even ship to the UK!

CNC Conversion: Overcome by the idea of CNC power, it seemed like a good idea to convert the mill to CNC operation.  It's a long term project, click here to see how things are getting on.
Gears: The mini mill is equipped with plastic reduction gears.  Unfortunately, mine decided to digest its gearbox - not uncommon with these machines.  When I get the machine up and running again, I plan to make some metal gears to avoid this kind of "fun" in future.
Future plans: One of the precursors for putting CNC on the mini mill has got to be a fix for the Z axis. In standard form, it's pretty bad...

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