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Last updated: 11 Nov 2018


This page will eventually carry a number of projects, latest at the top - don't forget I'm learning all this stuff as I go along, so some of it does not look A1...

I got involved in all of this stuff starting in February 2002, the intention being to make some model internal combustion engines.  After a quick reality check, it became apparent that I needed to gain experience developing more mundane and practical items at the start of my journey before attempting anything slick and noisy.

Please note that whilst a number of the items below represent completed projects, a number are unfinished and some are just "pie in the sky" right now.  It seemed appropriate to put them all here, as some depend on others - chicken and egg.  For example, the Gear Hob project - gears cut with it so far are badly shaped due to the lack of any means of holding the cutting tool tight in the mill. So I need some collet holding system, but this cannot be effected until I can get hold of (or make) a fixed steady for the lathe, etc. etc.

Completed items

Items in progress

Pie in the sky!

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