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Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder
Last updated: 30 Nov 2016


Ball handles
Wheel head
Work head

QuornThis is the page for the Quorn tool and cutter grinder, something I should have put together a long time ago. 

11-Mar-2006: Currently, it's just a load of parts on the kitchen table along with a set of drawings and the Quorn book.  This will be the most complicated piece of equipment I've tried to make so far, it's anybodys guess how long it will take to finish...

The bits all came from Model Engineering Services who supply the casting kit and can optionally supply the other stuff like the motor and grinding wheels.

Building the Quorn

Quorn_01001 The base of the Quorn grinder.
Quorn_03001 The wheel head of the Quorn grinder.  Last updated 01-Jan-2007.
Quorn_05001 The work head of the Quorn grinder.  Last updated 14-May-2006.
Quorn_06000 The spindle of the Quorn grinder.  Last updated 01-Jan-2007.
Toolholder The toolholder of the Quorn grinder.  Last updated 15-Dec-2006.
Quorn_08001 Electrical items used in the grinder.  Last updated 01-Mar-2007.
Quorn_09001 Some info on ball handles.
Accessories Some accessories to go with the grinder.  Last updated 07-Jan-2007.
Work A selection of work produced by the grinder.  Last updated 26-Nov-2007.



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